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Monday, June 04, 2007

Tsa's Laksa, King Top Food Court

(Sorry for any delay that had happened throughout this few months. We were having difficulties with our blogger accounts, but no worries things are resume as usual. )

This time, we start with the whole new idea. MIDNIGHT LAKSA!! So, with the help of my friend Jesselina Sim we manage to hit out 1st spot at T'sa Laksa. It was 11.15pm and we hit the spot!The whole nite i was sweating man while Aaron keeps cool. The reason: JULIO PUT TOO MUCH SAMBAL IN THE GRAVY! Well anyway, lets go straight to the review. The Bee hoon taste good, only it is hard boiled so its too soft. The gravy...Aaron has a strong feeling that it is fron the Swallow Brand. The more i taste it, the more i get the Swallow Brand feeling too. Well you all just had to try it out and guess it yourself! The rest are all fine. Egg strips are spongy, Prawns are BLOODY fresh at midnight and chicken strips are well boiled also. Oh Yea, the sambal is so 'pedas' or spicy, that i had to drink 2 cups or iced tea! Lucky aaron didnt put all of them. The sambal is unique in a way. It taste a little bit like Sabah Cabai (Sabah Chilli Sauce) Maybe thats Tsa's Style of laksa sambal. Not forgetting the beansprout, ITS CRUNCHY!! anyway, points are as follows:

Coffee shop name/venue:King Top Food Court
*Easily spotted by using the rear entrance of Parkson Grand, Riverside. The stall A.K.A as Tsa's Laksa*
laksa price range:RM3.50, RM5.00
fragrant leaves:yes (minimal)
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:5.75
Food quality rating:6
quantity to price rating:5.5
overall satisfaction:5.75