Location: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

aaron likes classical music and he plays them. not too much into cars but still does.likes military and aviation.---------------------------- Julio likes cars alot. likes military too but not as much as Aaron. prefers spending much time on the airport looking at planes, a fan of aviation as well. likes classical music as well as playing them, besides jazz and pop.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Abc Food Court, Ang Cheng Ho

its been a while now since the previous blog. before this review blog gets boring, lets proceed to the next review. This stall was introduced by my colleague, Alphonsus. at 1st sight, propotion is good. at rm 3 it will make you full. the prawns are balanced and fresh. Eggs are shredded well and it is soft like sponges. Chicken are good and fresh too! its a complete laksa without any doubt. Aaron is very happy with the overall 'performance' of the laksa too. only 1 thing that is a little of a sad case. The gravy happened to have vermecilli odour, or simply the odour of the beehoon. too bad. but Alphonsus say that it is only for that day. normally it is as good as it gets, good as in perfect. the rest is up to you all readers to test it out. the results are as follows.

Coffee shop name/venue:Abc Food Court, Ang Cheng Ho
*Somewhere behind Public Bank Padungan Branch/Kingwood Inn*
laksa price range:RM3,rm4,rm5
fragrant leaves:yes
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:5
Food quality rating:5.3
quantity to price rating:6
overall satisfaction:5.4