Location: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

aaron likes classical music and he plays them. not too much into cars but still does.likes military and aviation.---------------------------- Julio likes cars alot. likes military too but not as much as Aaron. prefers spending much time on the airport looking at planes, a fan of aviation as well. likes classical music as well as playing them, besides jazz and pop.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bormill food Court, Jln Keretapi

Located at the same row as Tiang's cafe (barrets laksa), this sure to be a one real rivalry. This stall was introduced by a friend of mine, Phoebe.Ok, review time... the gravy, authentic as we can consider. using mostly prawn stock/broth, the soup is purely tasty. no sugar, and no MSG for sure (well it might have, just the hawker don't want to talk about it). Eggs are well fried, chicken is fresh so as the prawns (well its imbalance, some are not really fresh). The bee hoon is well boiled, so its quite nice actually. Aaron qouted that it is very very expensive. The fact is that, at RM4, it is like 3/4 the quantity of its rival, Barrets. so as the other quantity and quality of the laksa. But this laksa do suit some that prefers less spicy flavor, and suitable for leisure eating, but for reviewing, its quite a difficult decision to make. i guess you all should taste it for yourself between this laksa and the rival, Barrets. oh yea, after testing, put comments!! hehe. the results are as follows.

Coffee shop name/venue:Bormill food Court, Jln Keretapi
laksa price range:RM4,RM5
fragrant leaves:no
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:5.5
Food quality rating:5.8
quantity to price rating:4
overall satisfaction:5.1

Monday, December 04, 2006

Top 1 Food Court, Ang Cheng Ho

Previously dua Puluh Sen Store, now its taken over by 100% discount store. the laksa stall there was introduced by my neighbor. she say its good. well,after testing it...hmm...acceptable. only 1 problem, the bee hoon spoils the taste, it has that rice odour. the gravy is a little watery, but they manage to maintain the laksa smell and the saltiness. prawns are equal, some are fresh and some are not really,at least they don't stink. as usual, laksa needs eggs and they has it. hahaha...good. the coriander were too much, and Aaron don't like it. anyway, results are below:

Coffee shop name/venue:Top 1 Food Court,Ang Cheng Ho
laksa price range:RM3, RM4
fragrant leaves:yes(coriander)
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:6.35
Food quality rating:6
quantity to price rating:6
overall satisfaction:6.1