Location: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

aaron likes classical music and he plays them. not too much into cars but still does.likes military and aviation.---------------------------- Julio likes cars alot. likes military too but not as much as Aaron. prefers spending much time on the airport looking at planes, a fan of aviation as well. likes classical music as well as playing them, besides jazz and pop.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Tian Lee Food Centre, padungan

thanks to jennifer, we head to a laksa stall at padungan area, opposite the big cat statue, near the fire station.she say it was good, but aaron doubt that it will taste good. well...it turned out to be a dissapointment. since the place only served laksa at night, we can ONLY taste is at that time. anyway, although the gravy looked great, but it was too tasteless. even if you had put in the lime and the belachan. well, eitherway aaron ended up shitting at song keng hai public toilet.hehehe...anyway, results are as follow:

coffee shop name/venue: Tian Lee Food Center, Padungan
laksa price range:RM3.50,RM5.50
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,bean sprouts,egg strips
rating for laksa gravy:2
Food quality rating:2.5
quantity to price rating:3
overall satisfaction:2.5

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Garden Cafe and restaurant, 3rd mile

we heard so many,in fact too many stories and comments telling us about the laksa here. some say its good, some say it rocks, some say its the best, some say totally delicious. julio and i finally landed here to have a try. well indeed it is not a bad laksa at all, infact, you all are correct, it is good. lets start with the laksa gravy. the superb taste and combination of natural flavorings, especially the prawn gives the natural tastiness of the gravy. the smell of the gravy is strong, which is part of the athuentic laksa recipe. another good credit given was the saltiness and the gravy quality itself, having it to be not too thick and not too little (just at the appropriate propotion). the prawns are as big as my thumb (3-4 of them) and they are solid-fresh. and the chicken, not strips but more like chunks, countable chunks. But...but, i was wondering, since egg are cheap stuffs...why i dont see any of it? well, the thing is, it is not a complete bowl of laksa. anyways, result are as follows.

coffee shop name/venue: Garden Cafe, golden arch 3rd mile
laksa price range:RM3,RM4, RM5
visible ingredients:chicken chunks,prawns,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:6.8
Food quality rating:6.4
quantity to price rating:6.5
overall satisfaction:6.6

Saturday, September 16, 2006

How how cafe, 4th mile

aaron head to my place to review the laksa at my area. seroiusly, i havent try eating the laksa yet. since my neighbour say it taste 'not bad' so i persue aaron to try it. seems that at 1st impression, aaron felt it was a failure already. well, either way we still have to taste it. ok...the prawns are not fresh and obviously not rigid enough. the egg strips tend to be slightly bitter (due to over stir-fried) and the gravy...THE GRAVY...the most essential element, and it fails! total failure until aaron have to give such a low grading. the reason, it has only a light/minimal laksa's exquisite taste, and mostly consist of salt water. so that is the trick that it is salty. besides that, the color is not as pleasing as others. it looks more like a normal lame laksa. the gravy is too thick, that it reflects that its no longer a laksa, more like curry laksa. guess you all have to try it for yourself. the results are:

coffee shop name/venue:How how cafe, 4th mile (liang kee commercial centre)
laksa price range:RM3.00, RM4.00,RM5.00
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:2
food quality rating:4
quantity to price rating:5
overall satisfaction:3.7

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mei Mei Food Court, Chong Lin Park

we finally reach the 2 digit review number. in this review number 10, we head to Chong Lin Park to test there. i had this laksa quite a few times already, but aaron only had twice i guess. anyway, the laksa gravy...what can i say, its good, taste great, and having the athuentic laksa fragrant. well you see people, laksa is not LAKSA if it doesnt has the fragrant. so thats why sometimes we fail them. after we had tasted, the laksa gravy was not that satisfying enough. it has this bitter element, which i got no idea what was it. but it taste good after the belacan is added. the prawns are satisfying. the laksa is consider complete, as it has all the essential laksa ingredients. anyway, here is the results. But then again, the sweet taste is there...too bad.

coffee shop name/venue: Mei Mei Food Court, Chong Lin Park
laksa price range:RM3.20 and RM5.20
special additions:none
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,bean sprouts,egg slices
rating for laksa gravy:5.5
food quality rating:6
quantity to price rating:6
overall satisfaction:5.9