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aaron likes classical music and he plays them. not too much into cars but still does.likes military and aviation.---------------------------- Julio likes cars alot. likes military too but not as much as Aaron. prefers spending much time on the airport looking at planes, a fan of aviation as well. likes classical music as well as playing them, besides jazz and pop.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. 1st of all, I would like to wish you a very merry happy new year! May year 2008 fill you with many many lucks and happiness. anyway, sorry for the long awaited, unedited, in update blogsite. Aaron is busy with his new career, Shipping and im currently dealing with events. Photography especially, to be exact. I just covered one of the prestigous events this year, the Launching of Parkson, The Spring.

Meeting new friends while working with them was just wonderful. Friends like Alisa , Karen , Yee Ping , Asri and others was a pleasure getting to know them. Yesterday was their last day and before leaving for KL, Silas Michael (TruEvents) took them for a bowl of laksa, and it was at Madam Tang's. Silas say it was his no.1 rank above all.

The rest of the gang were really enjoying the laksa. I hope they get addicted and will come and visit Kuching again and again...Muahahaha!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


If you readers have extra comments to talk about, Do post it up here. Anything about Sarawak Laksa. Where to eat, Where do YOU eat and u think its good, Anywhere, local or abroad. Do share it with us. We are the SARAWAK LAKSA family here!


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Night Laksa, Polygram Cafe

Another night laksa for review this time. sorry for keeping you guys waiting, me and Aaron are were busy lately. Anyway, Night Laksa by Polygram Cafe. Kinda tempting, since its served at night. But quite a few to talk about. 1st, the Bee Hoon, feels like not well cooked. It feels like its just boiled for a very short time. Next, the bean sprout. This one is good. Tasted crunchy and fresh! The strips are as usual, so as the egg, spongy and and proper in portion. the prawns are good, even though some tend to be not fresh already. Well, its cceptable, since its night laksa. Prawns cant stay fresh till late night..acceptable reason, huh! :) Finally, the essential:GRAVY! Not very good eventually, tasted like a typical laksa. Watery and doesn't give much 'KICK' . coconut milk is not thick enough, and we suspect the laksa paste used is not being added in alot, or not in proper portion to create the right taste. Anyway, please taste it yourself, Your taste bud tells you better stories.

Coffee shop name/venue:Polygram Cafe, Jalan Petanak
*Previously Nanas Cafe*
Laksa price range:RM3.50, RM5.50
fragrant leaves:none
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:5.5
Food quality rating:5.5
quantity to price rating:5.8
overall satisfaction:5.6

Monday, June 04, 2007

Tsa's Laksa, King Top Food Court

(Sorry for any delay that had happened throughout this few months. We were having difficulties with our blogger accounts, but no worries things are resume as usual. )

This time, we start with the whole new idea. MIDNIGHT LAKSA!! So, with the help of my friend Jesselina Sim we manage to hit out 1st spot at T'sa Laksa. It was 11.15pm and we hit the spot!The whole nite i was sweating man while Aaron keeps cool. The reason: JULIO PUT TOO MUCH SAMBAL IN THE GRAVY! Well anyway, lets go straight to the review. The Bee hoon taste good, only it is hard boiled so its too soft. The gravy...Aaron has a strong feeling that it is fron the Swallow Brand. The more i taste it, the more i get the Swallow Brand feeling too. Well you all just had to try it out and guess it yourself! The rest are all fine. Egg strips are spongy, Prawns are BLOODY fresh at midnight and chicken strips are well boiled also. Oh Yea, the sambal is so 'pedas' or spicy, that i had to drink 2 cups or iced tea! Lucky aaron didnt put all of them. The sambal is unique in a way. It taste a little bit like Sabah Cabai (Sabah Chilli Sauce) Maybe thats Tsa's Style of laksa sambal. Not forgetting the beansprout, ITS CRUNCHY!! anyway, points are as follows:

Coffee shop name/venue:King Top Food Court
*Easily spotted by using the rear entrance of Parkson Grand, Riverside. The stall A.K.A as Tsa's Laksa*
laksa price range:RM3.50, RM5.00
fragrant leaves:yes (minimal)
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:5.75
Food quality rating:6
quantity to price rating:5.5
overall satisfaction:5.75

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Min Heng, Carpenter Street

how original laksa supposed to be? how does it supposed to taste like? well, if you guys are looking for the original laksa, here is it. the original, post war recipe, the original LAKSA that supposed to taste like. introducing the classic, historically, legendary Min Heng. Introduced by Alphonsus, it is different especially the gravy. no doubt this the original, and not all, everybody can take the taste so easy. Some might tell you its not good, but face it...this is what a laksa supposed to taste like. the history goes way back to the post war, thats about early 50's, and mr. Min Heng already makes bowls of laksa till today. anyway, the other ingredients are great too. Prawns are fresh, eggs are soft and spongy, chicken thighs are used, what else missing...NONE! try it out for yourself and tell us your story! the results are as follows: (REMEMBER, THIS IS ORIGINAL AND ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT)

Coffee shop name/venue:Min Heng, Carpenter Street
*the 3rd shop on the right block, few shops before Lau Ya Keng(the opposite site)*
laksa price range:RM2.0o, RM3, RM4
fragrant leaves:yes (minimal)
visible ingredients:chicken thighs slices,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:8.5
Food quality rating:8
quantity to price rating:7.8
overall satisfaction:8.1

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Abc Food Court, Ang Cheng Ho

its been a while now since the previous blog. before this review blog gets boring, lets proceed to the next review. This stall was introduced by my colleague, Alphonsus. at 1st sight, propotion is good. at rm 3 it will make you full. the prawns are balanced and fresh. Eggs are shredded well and it is soft like sponges. Chicken are good and fresh too! its a complete laksa without any doubt. Aaron is very happy with the overall 'performance' of the laksa too. only 1 thing that is a little of a sad case. The gravy happened to have vermecilli odour, or simply the odour of the beehoon. too bad. but Alphonsus say that it is only for that day. normally it is as good as it gets, good as in perfect. the rest is up to you all readers to test it out. the results are as follows.

Coffee shop name/venue:Abc Food Court, Ang Cheng Ho
*Somewhere behind Public Bank Padungan Branch/Kingwood Inn*
laksa price range:RM3,rm4,rm5
fragrant leaves:yes
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:5
Food quality rating:5.3
quantity to price rating:6
overall satisfaction:5.4

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Syn Hing Yung Cafe, Pending

Clearance told us about siang siang corner at pending, the one with Aunty Mary's Laksa. the thing is when we reach there, it was closed, too bad for us. so without going home without any review we ended up here. this laksa, i would say 1st of all, the taukeynio is so stingy on the soup. it was so dry that u feel like adding more soup to it.( see the pic, u know what we mean) the quantity is not that satisfying also. but indeed it is a complete laksa. either way i dont really like this laksa, but to be fair we will review it too. Gravy is kinda good, only its too little. the coconut milk taste was there and so as the laksa flavor.the bee hoon is well boiled, eggs are prefect, chicken strip as usual prawns are well balanced and fresh. what more to say if u eat it by yourself!! hahah. the result are as follows.

Coffee shop name/venue:Syn Hing Yung Cafe, Pending
*the last row of shops before the pending bridge to petra jaya*
laksa price range:RM3.20,RM5.20
fragrant leaves:no
visible ingredients:chicken strips,prawns,egg strips,bean sprouts
rating for laksa gravy:5
Food quality rating:4.9
quantity to price rating:4.4
overall satisfaction:4.76